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BS 7858 Security Screening & Vetting Course

BS7858 screening was introduces in 2012 to ensure that standards were kept. The BS7858 screening standard was published by the BSI and 2019 standard ( which replaced the initial 2012 standard) is regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Who is BS7858 for? 

BS7858 is largely used in the security industry and other sectors across the UK and overseas and is favoured in the finance, insurance, banking,  healthcare, HR, and IT industries to name a few. 
These sectors benefit greatly from the BS7858 screening method as they often need the extra layer of protection to ensure all employees are safe, especially when handling documentation, delicate assets as such as money. 

What does this course include? 


- Requirements for Screening & Vetting
- The Importance of Screening Employees
- The Importance of Accurate Screening
- How to Obtain the Data needed for Accurate Screening
- Procedures relating to Screening
- Necessary Documentation
- The Statutory Declaration
- The Relevant Requirements of the Data Protection Act
- Legislation Affecting this Process


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Additional Information

This course can also be used to meet SIA, ACS & NSI Security Requirements

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