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Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)


ATLS® is a global course, teaching a systematic process of trauma care for patients with life-threatening injuries.

Throughout this two-day Face to face interactive course, you will learn a range of comprehensive and adaptable trauma management skills relevant to all specialities.

ATLS teaches a safe and reliable method of immediate management of severely injured patients. 

The format of this hybrid course includes an interactive e-learning phase which will enhance your learning experience and reduce the number of days attending the practical sessions from three to two. The pre-course e-learning is a mandatory requirement for this course and must be completed by 7am the day before the face-to-face course. It will take approximately 20-30 hrs to complete, so please plan this into your schedule, as you will not be allowed to attend the Face to face element unless this is completed within the time-frame specified. 

Please Note: Our priority is to provide training for doctors currently working in the NHS. Due to high demand and limited availability,


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