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Moulage & Wounds

Moulage & Wounds

The professional Ben Nye Basic Moulage Kit Mark III is the perfect starter kit for those looking to enhance the realism of their training with casualty simulation. Supplied in a robust box with removable tray designed to keep the contents organised, safe and accessible.

100 x Cotton tipped applicators
2 x No. 5 Flat brushes
1 x 14g Cyanotic blue foundation
1 x 28g Thick blood
10 x Blood capsules
1 x 28g Master bruise wheel
1 x 14g Burns & blister wheel
1 x 71g Nose & scar wax (fair)
1 x 59ml Stage blood
1 x 71g Simulated bone wax
2 x 29ml Spirit gum remover
1 x 29ml Liquid latex
2 x 7ml Spirit gum
1 x 59ml Quick cleanse (makeup remover)
1 x 5cm Laceration
2 x Powder puffs
2 x Foam sponges
1 x Stipple sponge
1 x Wooden modeling tool
Character powders 25g: 1 x Charcoal, 1 x Neutral, 1 x Plains dust
1 x Trauma simulation guide
1 x Black case with tray and carry handle

***Image for illustration purposes - contents may vary due to substitution by manufacturer***

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