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Physiological Observations & NEWS 2 Workshop

Our Physiological Observations programme is aimed at Student Nurses, Health Care Assistant's and Carer who want or need to improve their understanding in healthcare by learning how to undertake, record and report their observations.   This course will provide practical application and assessment of core Physiological Observations. 

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Vital Signs Observations & what they mean

Vital Signs Monitoring will include: Manual & Digital Blood Pressure monitoring and interpretation.  Pulses, Respiratory rates and Oxygen Saturation and tympanic, oral and axilla temperatures

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Neurological Observations & Blood Glucose Monitoring

This section will include : Brain Structure & Function, Neurological assessment, pupillary reflexes, ACVPU & GCS scoring.

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Consent, Confidentiality & record -Keeping

This session wlll consolidate the days learning with the legal framework for consent to assessment & treatment, confidentiality in healthcare - the core principles and clear documentation and appropriate escalation of care in the deteriorating patient using the NEWS 2 process

This programme is bespoke to the delegate group so can be delivered at our centre or yours with adaptations to meet your staffs needs


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