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Essentials of Airway Management & Catastrophic Bleed Control




8 Hours

About the Course

This course is ideal for members of Acute Response Teams and Critical Care Outreach, Junior Doctors, Dentists, ward Nurses and pre-hospital healthcare professionals. It is a 8 hour course that covers assessment and intervention of a patient’s airway, familiarisation of the iGel , oxygen management and airway adjuncts and provides simulated practical insertions of all devices. After the course, candidates are required to complete assessment and sign off in practice. Session 2 of the course provides learners with guidance on catastrophic bleeding control, including dealing with the inherent dangers associated with the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings whilst administering First Aid in a clinical and pre-hospital environment. Topics covered include Equipment

Primary survey

Catastrophic bleeding

Haemostatic dressings


Top-to-toe survey

Environmental issues

Handover to the emergency services.

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